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The Anti-bullying Poetry Contest Winners

posted Apr 30, 2014, 10:05 AM by GCPO CJP   [ updated Apr 30, 2014, 11:23 AM ]
Middle School Poetry Contest

5th Place

I am… You Are…

I am a person.
I am a life changer.
I am a bystander.
I am stopping lots of danger.

You are a bully.
You are not a friend.
You are a feeling hurter.
You are a person who finds mean things to send.

I am not a bully.
I am a buddy.
I am a friend.
I am a friend because I have studied.

You are jealous.
You are hateful.
You are a threat.
You are never grateful.

I am the victim.
I am beautiful no matter what you say.
I am not a disrespecter.
I am a new girl because it’s a brand new day.

You are a friend.
Please lend me a hand.
Because I am the victim.
And you are my friend.

 - Saniya Brooks
4th Place
Reality Bites
There's a place far far away, where bullying doesn’t exist.
There are no labels like nerd, geek, or freak.
No kicking or shoving or online harassing.
But this place far far away, is only an escape for the victims of reality.
Because in reality, bullying does exist, and sometimes, the only escape is imagination.
This land is safe. You can be you without the shame, without the hate.
This far away land of freedom is only made to hide the tears, to hide the screams.
For the victims don’t speak to parents or teachers
They take it out on themselves. Cutting and burning, always hurting.
Is this what we want? Is this what we are? A society that tries to change who you are?
Well, we wont stand for it, we wont hide.
We’ve waited much too long to speak our minds.
We wont back down, we’ve come too far.
We’re making a difference to change the world.
Soon that distant place far far away, will become a reality forever to stay.
You have to understand, you can be forgiven.
But that only happens if you’re willing
We can, we will, and we’re going to change.
But we need your help to ignite the flame.
Together we’ll reign forever equal, forever free,
From this harsh harsh reality.
- Anna Neff
3rd Place
Help Me
Why wont anyone help me?
I’m stuck.
I feel depressed, hurt, and alone.
Every time I fall no one picks me up.
The walls are beginning to cave in,
Sometimes I hope it will take me with it.
My wrist drips red, the pain goes away.
Wanting to be home, singing with angels, again.
At day I smile, at night I cry.
Hoping no one will see, the emptiness I feel.
Wanting to talk, but my mouth is glued.
Saying my thoughts, will only hurt me more.
I just need someone to help me.
- Teddi Gay
2nd Place
I Was Bullied Today
I was bullied today, out on the walk.
I was bullied today, I was just using chalk.
I was bullied today, he pushed me down.
I was bullied today, I fell to the ground.
I was bullied today, he called me harsh names.
I was bullied today, he made me feel lame.
I was bullied today, I lay on the ground.
I was bullied today, he walked away without sound.
I was bullied today, but I still felt strong.
I was bullied today, and I knew he was wrong.
I was bullied today, but I am still me.
Kind, smart, and strong, and no one can change that at all.
- Shannon Simcox
1st Place
The girl who walks to school alone,
The girl has no say, the girl that has no friends,
Is the girl who committed the other day.
The bully called her ugly and fat, the bully thought it was just a joke,
But she was hurt to no repair, just because of a joke about her hair.
But it was more than that, more than just a tear,
It happened everyday, and it was getting old.
She decided to fold,
She broke in two,
Forever free from the bully.
- Brandi Cella