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1st Place Poetry Winner

posted May 28, 2015, 6:29 AM by GCPO CJP
"Is It Better to be Dead?"
What is fear without courage
What is dark without light
I think about this day and night
I never seem to get it
Its just not clear
But maybe I'll find out this year
I don't have high hopes
For the bullying to stop
But I sure do hope to come out on top
I am a warrior
I've fought for quite some years
Each and every punch would bring me tears
It will get better my mom always says
But it doesn't so I think it is better if I'm dead
Life is like a jail
There are things I cannot prevail
It is only for the better for life to stay this way
But when I know opportunity is coming it will be my day
I tell myself its no reason to try
But if there isn't and I know then why I do cry
I don't know anymore the "silly" thoughts are coming back to my head
I keep thinking it's better if I'm dead
Now I need to stop talking to myself and just move on
I now known it will be all better if I'm gone
I know I'm not bright and I'm not that strong
But it doesn't have to be that way
Well not for long
I cut myself
Blood, guts. and gore
All my insides now lay on the floor
I smile and say I finally won
But it wasn't worth it, what have I done
I freak out once more thinking I have a chance but I remember what lay on the floor
It's all my blood, guts, and gore.
 - Jazmine - Monongahela Middle School